They are a big state school, and have the resources to give out funding. Go To Topic Listing Visual. Then I saw an interview with Carlton where he said that most graduates not sure whether he is talking bfa, mfa or both end up in Bushwick. Post your statement when you have one together! I have the opportunity to spend three weeks in Svalbard, Norway for an artistic residency on board a barkentine sailboat as a resident in the Arctic Circle Residency. It seems like a very intense program with focus being emphasized on producing work thorough critiques. By kafralal , July 27, in Visual.

The original works vary in size, medium and technique. Students must even submit written critiques to their peers. Best of luck everyone! The discussion of interdisciplinary programs also reminded me of Cooper Union. I think you would just need to be able to connect the teaching to your work in a meaningful way, beyond “I love to teach, and kids are so inspiring,” because that kinda goes without saying. The TA positions are competitive, which means they come with more money. I would start by going to your undergrad profs and bringing images of the work that they may have known at the time.

Best of luck everyone!

MFA Thesis Show | EYE TO EYE

Hailing from eight different countries, we employ photographic methodologies to challenge and investigate our intimate bonds and personal boundaries. On the one hand, I’m thinking that your resume will show the connection and that maybe you should just focus on the art practice.

Does anyone have any advice for someone in their Mids applying for the Fall Admissions Cycle?

Definitely a more experimental school. You can learn more about my plans for the residency at Hatchfundor check out my blog, Svalbard By Seawhere you can follow my preparations, my experience on the residency, and the work I make when I return.


They are a gard state school, and have the resources to give out funding. Bard college appears to be truly interdisciplinary. July 1st — July 30th Gallery hours: I’ll try to pull it up later. Did you get a sense of funding options being better or worse or the same as their regular semester MFA? Sign In Sign Up.

Ivana Larrosa – solo exhibition

Kafralal, did you see distinctions between ucla’s new media and interdisciplinary MFA programs that seem worth noting? I think that depends on which discourse you relate to the most.

That program is somewhat interdisciplinary, because they clearly encourage you to use all the resources they have available. They listed the same options, fafsa loans and need-based scholarships, but there was no indication of how it will compare to the regular program. If I’m wrong and the frames are part of the imagery, then your statement can clarify that. I haven’t actually heard much of Columbia. They are doing an webinar info session today at 6: Already have an tnesis They are going to put it online at some point, but if there’s something specific you want to know before then ask away!

You can imagine how being immersed in that same extreme environment will impact the work that I create, expanding upon and evolving my thesis work into something richer, informed by personal experience. But on the other hand, if your interests in education are radical and you can link them to expanding ideas in contemporary art, or if teaching serves as an important source of inspiration in some unique, rather than romantic way then maybe you should talk about your desire to teach.

Bard MFA thesis exhibition

The opening reception will also include two performances to begin at 7 pm: If the Ox-Bow and LillStreet folks are unable to provide me with recommendations, I’m not sure where to turn–thoughts? Moving Images by Minny Lee and lost, lost, lost: A general comment for your portfolio is that the “transfers on paper” look like they need to be re-photographed—without the frames.


bard mfa thesis show 2014

Posted July 31, Svalbard was a point of embarkation for many arctic expeditions and is steeped with that history; visiting the archipelago that launched so many of these historical explorations is an immense opportunity for my work.

But they give them out before the first year, so you have extra money to work with right away. The article also mentioned that its a low residency summer only program and that the school struggles to award much in funding thesi its enrolled students.

While I have kept my practice current, the only potential recommenders I have are those who have taught summer courses at Ox-Bow and community art classes at LillStreet Art Center in Chicago. Having said that I don’t think you have any reason to feel insecure about your work.

bard mfa thesis show 2014

In the Q and A they said there will be only one or two merit based scholarships. It’s interdisciplinary thesiss the extent that professors and graduate students of performing arts, creatie writing, music, acting and other creatives sit in on your critiques and offer feed back as much as the art thsis. The discussion of interdisciplinary programs also reminded me of Cooper Union. Did anyone do the webinar session for SAIC’s new low res program?

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