You could be eligible for a student loan or allowance. Conjoint programmes let you pursue two undergraduate bachelors degrees at the same time. We assess each application individually and applicants may require a higher grade to be offered a place. For scholarships or awards closing within the next three days, please mark your enquiry as urgent. Depending on the subject and level these can range from a single day to a week-long trip.

Use Summer School to take additional courses or to spread the workload. This means that you complete the requirements for two Science subjects. Modules allow you to develop and diversify your skill set for future employment, and could enhance your career prospects. Student loans and allowances Are you a New Zealand citizen or resident? Once the form is completed, please return it to the MEng Graduate Assistant contact details below. Accessibility Links Skip to site search Skip to main content.

Life cycle analysis of green braided composites. Final-year Civil Engineering students take on inaugural Capstone project 13 November Students find employment in business, small industry, government, teaching and health sectors, as well as research and development.

MEC E Registration After a capstone project has been selected, please complete the following registration form: You must also meet any specific requirements indicated upa the schedule for the major or specialisation.

Read more about entry requirements for New Zealand secondary school applicants. You need to have one of the following: Visit the Science Student Centre to make an appointment:. Taking courses in Summer School to spread the workload is a good idea. Often taken in the final year, a Capstone course is a student-led project providing you with an opportunity to integrate and apply your previous learning to a real-world problem in your subject area.


Undergraduate study in Business Analytics

Visit the Science Student Centre pronect make an appointment: Fees will be confirmed upon completion of enrolment into courses. Your weekly timetable You should expect to spend about 10 hours per week on each point science course you are studying. As part of the project, the team had the opportunity to present their findings to GHD, as well as two engineers from Auckland Transport. We will consider your application if places are available. Monday to Capstonee, 9am Only the first attempt for these courses will be considered for medical admissions in the First Capatone category.

Year Three In your third year you must complete at least 75 points five courses at Stage III, of which 60 points four courses must be in your majoring subject.

capstone project uoa

Year One Most students enrol in eight courses for up to three different majors to discover their interests and strengths. Serena Pike mecmengg ualberta. A capstone project topic and supervisor should be selected once other degree requirements, such as coursework, are substantially completed.

Planning your BSc from – The University of Auckland

The signed form must be submitted to the M. Full-time vs part-time To be a full-time student, a minimum of points over two semesters, 50 points in any one semester, or 25 points at Summer School must be taken. Where could this programme take you? Prize Number on offer: Programme overview and structure Subjects Fees and scholarships Entry requirements Key dates Check out our capstond web page to learn more about this exciting programme.


Both organisations expressed their congratulations to the group, and commented how impressed they were with the depth of understanding the students had of the project. If you have completed study at another New Zealand University, get an estimate of the transfer credit you may be eligible for, using our Transfer Credit Calculator.

Assessments Science courses typically have some written work or tests during the semester, including lab assignments and reports, and a two or three hour examination at the end. Often taken in the final year, a Capstone course is a student-led project providing you with an opportunity to integrate and apply your previous learning to a real-world problem in capsttone subject area.

Enrolment BSc enrolment The normal and recommended full-time enrolment in your first year of study as a Bachelor of Science student is eight courses per year points.

capstone project uoa

If your grades are slightly lower, we encourage you to still apply. The BSc is flexible so it’s easy to take a double major if you want to.

Final-year Civil Engineering students take on inaugural Capstone project

This major was formerly “Information Management”. MEC E Registration form.

The main purpose of this Prize is to recognise students in the winning construction management team on the CIVIL Capstone Project final year team exercise.

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