Talwars’ fifth witness record”. Talwar that Hemraj had committed the murder and was missing. Many questions that hard forensic evidence could have resolved remain unanswered. Although the Inspector General was charged with the defamatory statement, this story was spiced up by and the confused nation settled on this baffling story which completely destroyed the image of the innocent girl and her parents. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Investigation also revealed that Dr. The Allahabad High Court observed that no conviction can stand on the basis of mere suspicion and the CBI failed to prove without reasonable doubt that the Talwars were guilty of the double murder.

The couple approaches the Supreme Court. Apart from the reasons that had made the parents the prime suspects earlier, the new CBI team came up with some additional points. After seeing the postmortem report the police concluded that the double murders were an insider job and were done with someone who had clinical precision. During investigation it was revealed that Krishna was scolded by Dr. Leicester City midfielder Hamza Choudhury fined by FA over historical social media comments Swiss attorney general blasts investigation into handling of FIFA probe, says it’s infringement on independence Premier League: There was no sign of asphyxia. Durrani was locked from inside by Dr.

After that the router has been switched on at 6. Gautam, who had been requested by Sushil Chaudhury to come to the Talwars’ house. He gave detailed report in which he pointed out that the crime had been cimmitted by someone very close to Aarushi.

case study of aarushi talwar

Several visitors continued to arrive at the Talwars’ house which was being managed by Dinesh Talwar with their condolences. Awakened by the noise, Nupur Talwar came to Aarushi’s room.


Although the Inspector General was charged with the defamatory statement, this story was spiced up by and the confused nation settled on this baffling story which completely destroyed the image of the innocent girl and her parents. According to the report, both Aarushi and Hemraj were killed between 12 A.

Meanwhile, lie detection tests conducted on Rajesh and Nupur Talwar both turned out to be inconclusive. By using this site, you caee to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

case study of aarushi talwar

Nupur Talwar and their only daughter Ms. In response, sgudy doctor stated that his conclusion was not based on any medical authority, but on experiences from his own married life.

Twists, turns and suspense: 10 things to know about Aarushi Talwar, Hemraj murders

The speculations about a sexual relationship between a teenage girl and her male servant provided material for yellow journalismas did the allegations about the extra-marital affair of Aarushi’s father. Pandey 26 May Hemraj, who was from Nepal and was missing at the time, was the immediate suspect. Talwars’ maid stands by her statement”. However, later, the maid Bharati’s testimony in the court established that the door was merely latched from outside.

The blood of the deceased has drained out from the cut in the neck. He did not find Hemraj in his room, but heard some noise coming from Aarushi’s room.

Aarushi murder case: a timeline of events – The Hindu

The Talwars opposed the closure of the investigation insaying Rajesh was innocent. The distance between the bed of the Talwar couple and Aarushi was around ft.

No body fluid or blood could be detected on the golf sticks. The last call made to Hemraj during his lifetime was at aqrushi There is absence of a clear cut motive and incomplete understanding of the sequence of events and non-recovery of one weapon of offence and their link to either the servants or the parents. Krishna aarusgi very agitated on this. Nupur’s statement she was not aware of the murder of Aarushi till she dropped the key.


Aarushi’s body lay on her bed; it was covered with a flannel blanket.

Noida double murder case – Wikipedia

All this took aadushi the right of a fair trial from those innocent parents and in turn led to the conviction of the innocents. When Aarushi’s body was discovered on 16 May, the missing servant Hemraj was considered as the main suspect. After arriving at the house, Gautam examined the rooms of Aarushi and Hemraj. The Talwars will see this acquittal as a vindication for their claims of being innocent, especially after their widely showcased trial by the media.

The body of Hemraj was covered by a panel of a cooler. Investigation by CBI Evidence has come forth that only the family members and Hemraj were last seen the house before the crime and only parents were first seen after the crime. Although CBI found circumstantial evidence against the parents, there were many gaps: Rigor mortis had set in.

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