By broadening the Horlicks portfolio to Oats, GSKCH aims to spread the goodness of healthy living and complete the consumer food table by adding yet another wholesome option to the menu. They have miles to go before they become family silver like their parent. By successfully launching variants at different points in time, it has strengthened its core brand values, apart from addressing new consumer needs and thus bringing such consumers into its fold. Bournvita and Complan were seen to be strong contenders in west and northern parts of the country, so was local player Jagatjit Industries with its brand Maltova and Viva in the north. And in , a toffee flavour was added. How Chennai solved its water problem. Leave a reply Cancel You must be logged in to post a comment.

Next to hit the market was Junior Horlicks , targeted at toddlers; and Junior Horlicks , targeted at pre-school children. The variant, was targeted at pregnant and breast feeding mothers. Drypen Drypen provides action-oriented intelligence for management professionals that’s smart, useful, crisp and just a click away. Wednesday, 22 May You are here: Meanwhile, several of Horlicks extensions like NutriBar, Chill Dood and flavoured milk have been wound down.

According to Alagh, GSKCH needs to transform brand Horlicks from “purely health, especially aimed at children, to a tasty but healthy positioning” for all.

Horlicks crom find it easier to stretch into variants Junior Horlicks, Mother’s Horlicks, etc. In all the brand extensions that Horlicks has made, nutrition remains the core.

Brand Horlicks Case Study and Strategies

Consumee innovation, he maintains, is likely to remain a priority. This campaign, however, was just the precursor. Generally, when the market share of a brand is very high, it gets strongly identified with the parent category and, therefore, gets difficult to stretch. Horlicks oats claim better traction. Dr Agnihotri feels in the affirmative.


case study womens horlicks from gsk consumer

This led to the launch of Women’s Horlicks increating a blockbuster product. The yearstdy a watershed year for Horlicks when it decided to challenge the notion of the consumers that snacking and having noodles is unhealthy. However, their contribution to the company’s kitty has been small. Since then its positioning has always qomens as a family nourisher, which offers health and lifestyle range.

Simultaneously, its brand image, too, has changed—from a fuddyduddy, boring health drink recommended by doctors to something that is nourishing, and enjoyable. Wednesday, 22 May You are here: Overextension of the brand – with Noodles and Cereal Bars – into completely unrelated categories has made it pay, both in terms wtudy wasted effort and long-term dilution of the mother brand. In casee, the company tapped into the growing pester power of children who now were key decision makers not only with what they ate, but also other key decisions around the household.

Bournvita and Complan were seen to be strong contenders in west and northern parts of the country, so was local player Jagatjit Industries with its brand Maltova and Viva in the north. This case study looks at how Horlicks has avoided getting dated. So, womebs the Horlicks brand may not be easy. Watch the campaign on YouTube at http: The launch of Chill Dood, its flavoured milk range, did not take off.

Case Study: How Horlicks has avoided getting dated

Industry insiders say much of the company’s success has come from adjacent brand variants such as Horlicks Junior, Women’s Horlicks, Horlicks Lite and Mother’s Horlicks and not from extensions into biscuits, noodles and, even low-priced HFD variants such as Asha.

But the effect has been that Horlicks Lite combined with Women’s Horlicks ensured that the company clocked growth of more than 17 per cent in revenues until Beginning a major advertising and marketing campaign along that theme, new variants such as Horlicks Lite were launched, followed by the revamp of Junior Horlicks in What has it not done right?


case study womens horlicks from gsk consumer

It lays claim to more than half the white-malted beverages market. Arun Hegde, Former MD, Wrigley India ‘Juxtaposition of the sublime and the ridiculous ‘ Horlicks offers a fascinating view of what to do and what not to do, when it comes to brand extensions.

Women’s Horlicks scores big for GSK with Rs 100-crore sales

The brand is also vying for a share at the bottom of the pyramid. But it needs to clearly differentiate its communication for product benefits.

But stretching into categories in the immediate neighbourhood might be easier than stretching into distant ones. Conventional management wisdom will tell you to extract as much as you can from a brand and its variants but to derisk the owner from overdependence on the brand.

Meanwhile, the health drink itself has multiple variants in different flavours, sgudy to different consumer segments. See Healthy As Ever. All branding and communication spoke to different family members and how it meant different things to different people, while the new campaign spoke to children directly. This makes one critical of some of its actions that have not been thought through. Mumbai based firm leaks private data of social media influencers Honor 20 series launched: cse

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