Good, good, mm, good. This is the commercial where the song “Food! We love the Colgate pump, we love the Colgate pump. The slogan was “Go back to Canada Dry. Log in with Facebook. Later bradnds of hardware came along with trainers and even wellingtons.

The commercial ended with the sung line, “try Chun King for your beautiful life! You can’t catch any diseases from throw up. When he puts one on his big toe comes out a hole at the bottom of them. Who broke my window” Why is my stomach all nervous and queasy? The biggest taste you’ve ever found.

Please activate your account by clicking the link in the welcome email we’ve just sent you. I don’t recall the cheesse scenery, but I recall the jingle vividly: Cheese animatronic in Along with the arcade, the other main draw for the centers since the beginning was its animatronic show, until the mids.

chuck e cheese homework lyrics

Cheese in Sun Valley; shakes games. When he puts one on his big toe comes out a hole at the bottom of them. Minty taste that you can tell We love the colgate pump, he loves the colgate pump, she loves the colgate pump. At a temperature of degrees, the ltrics pot melts in the Cornell.

January Show (CECTV) – Chuck E. Cheese’s Lyrics

This action cannot be undone! The song played during the commecial was “Stretch it out, out, out It’s nothing like you’ve ever seen before. There were a number of these dolls, each of which had a skirt you could flip up and turn the doll into a muffin. Wait for one to leave, Mom!


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Math Song

Next a graveyard shows a hand coming out the ground followed by the word Chills. The biggest taste you’ve ever found.

chuck e cheese homework lyrics

Shows two moms buying white slouch socks for their kids. Cherry 7-up, can’t get enough The metal pot, which is boiled in the Corning Visionware Pot, melts, and it shows corn on the cob being cooked in a Visionware pot. Its the feel on the road, its the pulse on the street.

The biggest taste you’ve ever found! I’ve never been as afraid of a boss as I was of him.

Homework | Chuck E. Cheese Lyrics, Song Meanings, Videos, Full Albums & Bios

It’s a hap, hap, happy store! Robinson asks who did it, the boy runs away.

Playing in the sun, yes we’re having fun, Playing in the sun, yes we’re having fun on a Club Med Vacation, not your imagination. Another one of these commercials that I remember very well begins with three kids that are in the midst of making a pizza cheesse an elderly gentleman who has broken his arm.

Then, it showed extreme close ups of the dolls zooming down a freeway implying that these dolls would actually be able to ride motorcycles on their own while the irresistable jingle played My mom actually had these when I was in pre-school.


That spot started out sometime in the late 70’s. Three kids appear on the screen next to a boiling pan. One commercial featured Grace Jones all sweaty drinking a ginger ale and turning to the camera and saying “you don’t have to be sweet to be good”.

I remember I used to get in the suit, go somewhere, then just stand there without moving for as long as I could. And what do you call a snack with a secret toy surprise in the pack It starts off as a lady having one leg on a chair. The most refreshing taste around! With miles and miles of toys. You’ve reached the daily limit of lyyrics videos. With their tireless efforts of promoting their work, touring in oddly similar venues around the world, their work was documented forever lyricd their archetypal “Chuck E.

We love the colgate pump, he loves the colgate pump, she loves the colgate pump.

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