We should know better on how to handle our finances than to flaunt our fashion and later on wallow ourselves to self-pity for spending too much on something unimportant. The powers of the respective government offices must be exercised well and not to be abused;c. However, there are consequences in receiving such; 1 You have already broke your pledge in the Panunumpa ng Kawani ng Gobyerno quoted Hindi ako hihingi o tatanggap ng suhol; 2 The emotional consequence that you may dwell into it as another means of your income, because once you have started it, you may be prone to it; 3 A good and clean name is better than the money you receive; Thus, I would locate her address and bring the money back to her and explain to her that it is not necessary to give tokens for public servants considering that we as public servants were already paid for it thru their taxes, it is our responsibility to serve them and I would tell her that it would just make the heads of the public servants big if they would do such. Aside from the fact that it would be another expense to the fund; some companies prefer to allow employees to dress freely or casually for comfort and a dress that maintains a professional image. This will bring him both advantages and disadvantages.

In the situation given, Roy is right when he said that his boss should not be exempted from the policy implemented for the late comers since like him, his boss always come to work late time also. What he meant was that he is just in that position because of the people. As a public official concern, you should always adhere to the proper rules and regulations for the welfare of the people. There was another form of honesty whenemployees will go to the office on time. This is because I know from the verybeginning that accepting money is a prohibited act.

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The case of Ronnie is normal in most of the government agencies considering that it is tempting on the part of Ronnie considering that it would really help his family to meet their needs. In the case, there are really lapses on the public officials, to wit: If I were the official concern, I would have another group of chemist to inspect the place considered asunsafe for swimming. On the other hand, I willthank her for the offer anyway.


This presupposes the payment of license to operate, as a regulatory fee, in casf of police power of the Local Government Unit concerned. On the other hand, his boss is not right when he said that Roy should wait until he becomes aboss.

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I do believe that giving of gifts is one of a sign of gratitude. A government employee should be very conscious of the time; they should utilize the time well.

They are aware of how much the government employees are receiving every month. Coming from the most powerful man on dase country that the people are superior to him, it can beconcluded that a government employee is just a servant of the people. People who have knowledge of an employee doing such thing will make wrong conclusions or generalizations on government employees. Legality and Morality is two different things, we cannot connect one from the other automatically considering that legal are those imposed by the society, more rigid, codified and punishment are prescribed for violators whereas moral are those that are followed by the people because they believe it is right and does not contradict to flp conscience.

This is another normal scenario in most government agencies especially to those agencies that are provided with annual budget. Therefore, she would just hang herself in the middle stkdy she does that.

Legality simply refers to acts of conforming to the law. In my own view to Political neutrality, I hope it can be put into practice by identifying individuals as Filipino citizens not as a member of a certain political party. In addition, I will tell her also that it is my responsibility to serve her since I am a public servant.


While it istrue that most media fabricate some parts of the news due to their individual biases and that their main purpose is to earn profit, reporting things to media yield a lot of benefit for thewhistleblowers.

Nowadays, people are more vigilant of those who are working in government offices. If I could witness seeing a government service vehicle parked in a place where I least expect a government official may transact business with, the first thing that I will do is to think that maybe the government csv using the government vehicle just drop by vsc an official business transaction near to that place.


But I would really thank her for the appreciation and gratitude for my efficient work. The powers of the respective government offices must be exercised well and not to be abused;c. If the findings say that the water is indeed pollutedand unsafe for swimming, then I will launch a campaign to clean the beaches and make them srudy again.

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It has been practiced by people over the years. Honesty cannot be tested exclusively on monetary processes.

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It is a game of chance that people bet even the last money in their wallet because they believe that if they won, they will get their money in csf folds. From their own efforts. And the team of Rick were outnumbered; 4 Is it the role of the government to bury the armies who were killed during the operations and the ones to give subsidy to their bereaved families, why would Alonzo waste his time in cutting trees rather than focusing on the peace and order of dtudy country?

For justness and sincerity, I strongly agree that honesty is a very essential virtue that every person not only the government employees and officials must acquire.

As a public official, it is your obligation to promote the well-being or welfare of the community at large. Upon returning the money to Ms. We must always uphold that our government is all about the supremacy of civilian authority.


This was a good reminder and guide for us in the public service. Josie is right, even though the law is not qualified in terms of nominal or insignificant, but still if you are already receiving gifts which are not anymore unusual that makes it significant. On the other hand, I will thank her for the offer anyway.

As servant, it is my duty and responsibility to accommodate everyone.

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