All exams will be in our regular lecture room, CGS The goal of this course is to present a realistic view of the state of AI techniques and research, and for students to develop small systems that exhibit learning and intelligent behavior. In this course, we have two main goals – to teach you the skill of programming and the art of computer science. Simulation permits the evaluation of performance prior to the implementation of a system; it permits the comparison of various operational alternatives without perturbing the real system. Placement Test If you have programmed before, you can likely place out of Introduction to Programming entirely. The course will be primarily focused on applications, with an emphasis on working with real non-synthetic datasets. Students should acquire an understanding of the role and application of web standards to website development.

If you have any grading-related questions, please contact the TA first. Adwait Jog Personal Website. Read the tutorial first before starting MARS. II Industry competitiveness in certain areas is often based on the use of better algorithms and data structures. A popular procedural programming language will be learned by students and programming assignments will explore ideas in algorithm development, optimization, and data manipulation.

II Industry competitiveness in certain areas is often based on the use of better algorithms and data structures. Statistics estimation and compensation, deconvolution, multiple suppression, suppression of other noises, homeeork estimation, imaging and inversion, extraction of stratigraphic and lithologic information, and correlation of surface and borehole seismic data with well log data.

Object oriented programming concepts will be reviewed and applications, applets, servlets, graphical user interfaces, threading, exception handling, JDBC, and networking as implemented in Java will be discussed. The location of Tutorial 1 Monday 2: For more information, please click here. I suggest that you attend lecture and then attempt to read the corresponding material in the text, because the more mathematical sections of the text are challenging, and I’ll present the highlights of the text which should help in understanding the details when you read the text.



Homework Assignments, Submission, and Late Policy: The main focus of this course is on techniques applicable to spatial data such as scalar, vector and tensor fields. Equivalent with MATHI Students will draw upon current research results to design, implement and analyze their own computer security or other related cryptography projects. Usually the course is offered only once, but no more than twice for the same course content.

Equivalent with MATHII This is an advanced computer graphics course, focusing on modern rendering and geometric modeling techniques.

Peter Selinger: CSCI/MATH , Fall , Section 2

Homeworrk databases and distributed databases. I, II This course is an introductory course in discrete mathematics and algebraic structures. Introduction to algorithm analysis, with emphasis on sorting and search routines. Undergraduate level knowledge of linear algebra, statistics, and a programming language. I Information Security and Privacy provides a hands-on introduction to the principles and best practices in information and computer security.


Students will learn about fundamental research in human-centered robotics, as well as develop computational models for robotic perception, internal representation, robotic learning, human-robot interaction, and robot cognition for decision making. I, II Pilot course or special topics course. Here is a good tutorial with lots of screenshots. Students will learn about modern visualization techniques by reading and discussing research papers and implementing one of the algorithms homewkrk in the literature.


Basic understanding of computer graphics and analysis of algorithms required. Browse through the software and documentation to familiarize yourself with the software.

Equivalent with MATHScientific visualization uses computer graphics to create hoework images which aid in understanding of complex, often massive numerical representation of scientific concepts or results.

All exams will be in our regular lecture room, CGS Insertion sort, merge sort, asymptotic notation Reading: The students will apply their knowledge of digital logic design to understand the high-level interactions between different computer system hardware components. Some homeworks may carry more points than others.

csci 303 homework 2

We will also discuss practical data mining using a data mining software. In accordance with the University Honor Codeyou may not give nor receive unauthorized assistance on the homework. Homework 9 hhomework Dec It covers basic website design extended by client-side and server-side programming. Topics will include sequential computers including memory hierarchies, shared memory computers and multicore, distributed memory computers, graphical processing units 033cloud and grid computing, threads, OpenMP, message passing MPICUDA for GPUsparallel file systems, and scientific applications.

csci 303 homework 2

The course staff also acknowledges the contributions of Mary. Textbook and Resources Required Textbook: Homework 4 posted Oct 3303 should limit your discussion of homework assignments to understanding the requirements of the assignment.

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