Check with your department or college for their requirements around the proprosal. See the Format and Preliminary Review pages for further information. Deadline to upload completed dissertation for official review. The Candidate may not make additional edits to the thesis at this point except as requested by their Committee or Reviewer. Graduate Thesis, Project, and Dissertation Guidelines. Submit Graduation Application to Graduation Office. If are not in the Los Angeles area or are otherwise not able to come to campus, please schedule an appointment anyway and include a note in the Special Note section that you would like to email your manuscript to the reviewer.

Printed labels and cases are required, as detailed in the Thesis Guide and on the Submission page. The most important aspect of the review process is that the format and style maintains consistency throughout the document. ProQuest will send an automated email to your Reviewer that you have revised your submission. Most candidates will submit a completed, Committee-approved thesis by this deadline. Typing of the document is double spaced.

Graduate Thesis, Project, and Dissertation Guidelines

Additional information may be found in Chapter 3 of the Thesis Guide. Jump to navigation Skip to content. The Reviewer is not a member of the thesis or dissertation Committee, but thfsis a member of Graduate Studies staff. Candidate submits thesis to Reviewer and is guaranteed preliminary review prior to draft submission deadline.

To attempt the comprehensive exams, a GPA of 3.

Graduate Thesis, Project, and Dissertation Guidelines | Cal State LA

Most candidates thewis use Microsoft Word to compose and format their thesis, project report, or dissertation. It is expected that you will write the thesis in LaTeX, a mathematical typesetting language that anyone serious about publishing mathematics should know.


Failure to do so will require re-enrollment in a future term. Some common style manuals include:. Submit original, signed GS form to Dissertation Reviewer. This would be an out-of-pocket expense for the student. Deadline to upload complete draft of dissertation for official review.

The prospectus will then be used to recruit a thesis committee, normally consisting of the thesis supervisor and two other math department faculty members able to evaluate the thesis and oral defense.

Reviewers may request changes to the dissertation as late as this date; Candidates are expected to be available to make changes until then. Some common citation managers include RefWorks, Endnote, Mendeley, and Zotero, among others Harvard University Libraries offer a handy comparison guide.

csula thesis format

Your preliminary pages and section headings must match the sample pages. Candidates may opt to use a citation manager to organize and format their references. Please read each deadline csjla detail. Tables and figures are numbered consecutively, and in separate sequences, and conform to department or style manual guidelines. Not all project reports will be submitted through the Office of Graduate Studies.

Writing a thesis can take several terms. If further edits to the format are required, you will be able to replace your PDF on ProQuest with an updated version. One semester before the defense, the student, in consultation with the thesis supervisor, should choose a title for the thesis and write an abstract.


The fee for this course is much reduced from the full-time semester enrollment fee.

Reviewers may request additional format edits and other information at this stage. Suggested edits from the preliminary review will be incorporated into this draft.

csula thesis format

Only the electronic submission is required. Thseis abstract accompanying the GS does not actually need to be in the same, precisely specified, form as the abstract in the thesis, but why not make it the same.

Department of Mathematics

Unless otherwise directed by their Committee, the Candidate need not have obtained Committee approval on the thesis or dissertation e. All pages, including appendices are tgesis and numbered. You will submit your electronic file online using the ETD Administrator.

csula thesis format

Graduate Thesis, Project, formst Dissertation Guidelines. Candidates are advised to schedule minute appointments well in advance of the preliminary review deadline on November 16 and PDF upload on November Unless otherwise instructed, the thesis need not yet be completed or approved by the Committee.

The Reviewer will check the format only spacing, headings, pagination, references, etc. Students may order and pay for an official transcript online or in person. Reviewers may request changes to the thesis as late as this date; Candidates are expected to be available to make changes until then.

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