Families picnic, people dance and sing, and offerings are made. It is a special time when Bhutanese gather and renew their ties with friends, family, and the wider community, celebrating the cultural traditions of Bhutan and hoping for an auspicious New Year together. Adinane Said Mohamed February 8, Preparations for the Festival: While Losar celebrations once lasted for as long as two weeks, in modern times, Losar is normally a three-day festival. The soup is made from meat, rice, sweet potatoes, wheat, Yak cheese, peas, green peppers, vermicelli and radishes.

Beliefs and behaviors like ours evolved long ago and are often seen as primitive in the West. Oftentimes, Losar and the Chinese New Year begin on the same date, but sometimes they might have a difference of a day, or even a lunar month. His Holiness and the government welcome the dignitaries and exchange greetings with them. For a good harvest, offerings of barley seeds and tsampa are made to home alters. Debts are settled, quarrels are resolved, new clothes are acquired, and special foods such as kapse fried twists are made.

The festival dates and duration: They often drink Changkol, a type of rice wine similar to Japanese sake. After the three days, Tibetans engage in parties and get-togethers for 15 days ending the festivities with Chunga Choepa, the Butter Lamp Festival at the first full moon. The literal meaning of losar is New Year and follows the cycle of 12 years called Lohokor.

We made smoke offerings to the local spirits associated with the natural world around us. If one finds wood means he has wooden heart, etc. Female Earth Ox [16].


On this page Losar Page options Print this page. Bhutan exsay from a traditional monarchy to a democratically elected parliament inwhich coincided with the Bhutan: Join us on the National Mall June 29 and 30, Rituals are performed to drive away evil spirits, and people celebrate with feasts and dancing.

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The Tibetan Calendar is based on the lunar calendar and consists of twelve or thirteen months. Your e-mail address will not be published. His Holiness and the government welcome the dignitaries and exchange greetings with them. During Losar, the Tibetan celebration of the o year, we did not drink champagne to celebrate.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The Gurungs celebrated the “Year of the Bird” in December During this ceremony people offer considerable amount of incense in order to propitiate the local deities and the spirits.

In ancient times, loear went to the local spring to perform rituals of gratitude.

essay on losar

People start cleaning their houses discarding unused and old materials so that all evil omens are warded off from life and well-being and prosperity of the family members is ensured. The monks spring-clean their monasteries and put up special decorations.

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Buddhist monasteries perform masked dances and rituals to drive away the negative forces eesay bring positive for the family and the nation. Another traditional decoration that symbolizes a good harvest om the phyemar “five-grain bucket”a bucket with a wooden board that creates two vertical halves within.


Some of the unique traditions that made Losar special for past generations no longer hold the same meaning. It’s celebrated in February, but the exassct date varies each year according to the lunar calendar.

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This festival loear became the annual Buddhist festival we know today. Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics, Part Originally, ancient celebrations of Losar occurred solely on the winter solsticeand was only moved to coincide with the Chinese and Mongolian New Year by a leader of the Gelug school of Buddhism.

Tibetan women get up early to cook barley wine and prepare a dish called Dresi. Preparation for the festivities begin a month before the end of the year.

essay on losar

Some of the traditional dancing that takes place during the festivals. Tibetan Buddhists follow the lunar calendar so the date of Losar is different each year. Tibetan cultureTibetan Buddhistnew year. Losar predates the arrival of Buddhism in Tibet and has its roots in a winter incense -burning custom of the Bon religion.

Sonam Loshar falls on the first new moon of the month Magh in Nepali Calendar, somewhere in the early January to mid February.

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