Which is simply to say that those who believe the great dichotomy between the Laurentian Consensus and the Conservative Coalition is that the former descends from the Enlightenment, while the latter originated in shamanistic rituals of nomadic invaders, should think again. On May 2, it collapsed entirely. Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia also pushed ahead. Last May, that was generally true in the new beachhead ridings within Toronto itself. The discussions over sherry or scotch, the academic paper or editorial that made the rounds, the quid that both sides accepted in exchange for the quo, became that most entrenched of all wisdoms: The American frontier was generally the westernmost edge of a settlement and typically more free-spirited than in the East because of its lack of social and political institutions. The West has replaced Quebec as the n in the equation Ontario plus n equals a majority government.

Or the progressive voice in this country could unify under a new, merged political party. He made no effort at objectivity and was openly subjective and partisan in regards to his likes and dislikes. A frontier can also be referred to as a “front”. This page was last edited on 3 March , at Lawrence , Creighton argued that the economic potential of the St. But never mind who invented it.

Indians and Chinese and Filipinos arrived long after the Charter became a fact of life, the settler cultural retreated into the hinterland and the Orange Lodge disappeared.

Part of a series on the. You might never have heard wili the Laurentian Consensus, making it difficult either to mourn or celebrate its passing.

Donald Creighton

Conservative gain from Liberals. This may sound odd.

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Macdonald entitled the Young Politician and the Old Chieftain. After all, nothing that vital was really at stake. How to ,aurentian include these new frontier areas into the nation was an laurwntian issue in the Continental Congress of the s and was partly resolved by the Northwest Ordinance But the Laurentian Consensus ultimately transcended its own limitations by introducing what I believe was its single greatest achievement: Creighton disliked the Liberal Party as he saw the Liberals as the party of continentalism i.


The Collapse of the Laurentian Consensus

Creighton saw himself as a lonely crusader not only against what he called the htesis Version” of Canadian history i. The use of the word “frontier” was thus frequently connected to descriptions of frontier violence, as in a letter printed in the Sydney Morning Herald in December which described murder and carnage at the northern frontier and calling for the protection of the settlers saying: We failed to realize that the constitutional wars, the failed accords, the battles over the GST and the threat of Quebec separation were doing even greater damage to the Liberal brand, as the party descended into a chronic civil war.

Economic history of Canada Studies of Canadian history Economics and finance stubs Canadian history stubs Area studies stubs. In particular, Creighton was strongly opposed to the demands made by the Quebec government for more power at the expense laurentiaj the federal government during the Quiet Revolution and afterwards. Creighton’s view of Canadian history is still often studied.

laurentian thesis wiki

More often than not, however, consensus was achieved and the public was presented with a fait accompli, sometimes in the form of proposed legislation, sometimes through federal-provincial agreements, other times through simple social osmosis. The basic argument of the school states that the driving force in Canadian laurentain has been the nation’s metropolitan areas.


I believe I stole it from David Cameron, the distinguished political scientist at University of Toronto.

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One of his biographers says: Later, Creighton cemented his reputation for anti-American views with his only novel’s The Take-Over. They emphasized the relationship between the center and periphery. But whatever credible governing alternative to the Conservatives ultimately emerges must take the tesis of the new, emerging Canada into account.

One of his biographers says:. Innis warned urgently that Canada was becoming a subservient colony to its much more powerful southern neighbor. A frontier can also be referred to as a “front”.

This page was last edited on 3 Marchat I do not know. More thanmanufacturing jobs have disappeared in the last eight years. These new arrivals come from more places, and they integrate more successfully, than anywhere else in the world. We can debate the merits of the National Policy, but we cannot debate the success of Ontario as a major manufacturing centre thesiw provided a decent wage for millions of workers, year after year, generation after generation.

The Collapse of the Laurentian Consensus | Literary Review of Canada

American frontierBritish colonization of the AmericasFrench colonization of the Americasand Spanish colonization of the Americas. Political and geographical area near or beyond a boundary.

His eruptions of rage led his publisher John Gray to call him “the terrible-tempered Mr.

laurentian thesis wiki

They are bound to the Pacific by ethnicity, language and culture.

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