Use the first video to the right hand side to add a title the sheet you have drawn the map on – which includes the name of the earthquake and the date and time it occurred. More than , buildings suffered some form of damage. Create a fact sheet that shows the causes and short term up to one week and long term years in the future effects of the nuclear accident. The airport control tower and runway were damaged too, to compound matters. This activity moved west in the 18 th century, with Jamaica suffering at this time too, geologists are worried that this could be a new phase in seismic activity in this area with strain energy moving along the fault line.

Transport and communication links were also badly damaged by the earthquake. The port was destroyed. Use this link to help you. However, following the earthquake there was an even bigger event in Long term refers to the months and years.

Earthquake case-study (Haiti-LEDc) 2010

Port-au-Prince’s morgues were quickly overwhelmed with many tens of thousands of bodies having to be buried in mass graves. It is estimated the 1 in 5 jobs were lost as a result of the quake Rubble from collapsed buildings blocked roads and rail links.

ledc earthquake case study gcse

Your fact sheet should include a brief description of the effect, how it links to earthquakes, a recent example and an image. Buildings had not been built with earthquakes in mind and were not life safe. Are there any clues in the photos? Hcse earthquake was caused by the North American Plate sliding past the Caribbean Plate at a conservative plate margin.


The roads were littered with cracks and fault lines. Make notes on why the country finds itself in such poverty today.

ledc earthquake case study gcse

It is estimated th at 1 in 5 jobs were lost as a result of the quake. The Dominican Republic which neighbours Haiti offered support and accepted some refugees.

Then construct a 1 minute news report that describes the earthquake and the primary and secondary effects. Life expectancy was just Mark on the location of epicentre, the magnitude of the earthquake, the depth of the focus and the time that it occurred. Sea levels in local areas changed, with some parts of the land sinking below the sea. It should be as big as possible on the page. Label the neighbouring country. To build up a case study of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan in There were many impacts including.

Building not developed well, one resident complained, ‘ours was not well-designed building, it was built 12 years ago but it just fell to pieces as all the beams and pillars buckled instantly.

Roads were also very badly damaged and hindered aid efforts. Intro for Unit 4. The large number of bodies meant that diseases, especially cholera, became a serious problem.

Communications were damaged and power lines brought down. Damage to the port – Source. Large parts of this impoverished nation where damage, most importantly the capital Port Au Prince, where shanty towns and even the presidential palace crumbled to dust. The pressure that was built up because of the friction between the 2 plates was eventually released causing a magnitude 7 earthquake on the Richter Scale with an epicentre 16 miles West of Port-au-Prince and a shallow focus of 5 miles.


Image courtesy of Wikipedia. There were many aftershocks after the main event.

ledc earthquake case study gcse

The foreign aid effort was slowed down by the lack of transport infrastructure and a lack of coordination. Secondary result from primary effects.

The fault line is a strike slip fault, the Earthquke Plate south of the fault line was sliding east and the smaller Gonvave Platelet north of the fault was sliding west. Medicines San frontiers, a charity, tried to help casualties whilst the USA took charge of trying to coordinate Aid distribution.

2. Earthquakes – GEOGRAPHY FOR & BEYOND

One year after the earthquake 1 million people remained displaced. The magnitude of the earthquake was actually quite small, at only 7. In Elections abandoned due to violence. Step 7 – Effects.

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