Scores on pre-test and post-test 49 Table 4. To be or not to be: Add to Cart view product page quick view. All Counting and Sorting. Addition and Subtraction – Introduce students to addition and subtraction through additive reasoning. Responses to the use of Cuisenaire rods to improve the teaching of fractions Note: Lost in the rainforest China:

Cuisenaire Rods come in 10 colors — white, red, green, purple, yellow, dark green, black, brown, blue, and orange Each color and rod corresponding to a specific length from 1 centimeter to 10 centimeters — orange cm, blue-9 cm, brown-8 cm, black-7 cm, dark green-6 cm, yellow-5 cm, purple-4 cm, green-3 cm, red-2 cm, white-1 cm Plastic rods are easy to clean and store WHAT TO TEACH. Whether the use of manipulatives Cuisenaire rods would improve the teaching of fraction. The phrase such as three over four should be avoided. The story of the Headington Shark Teaching materials: All Patterns and Attributes. Besides, questions that involve division and multiplication of fractions were not well answered.

literature review on cuisenaire rod

Longman Group FE Ltd. Reliability on the other hand is the extent to which an instrument measures the idea that consistent results will be given by a measurement instrument when subjects is measured repeatedly under near identical conditions or in the same setting. Hands-On Standards Numbers and Rreview. You can add this document to your saved list Sign in Available only to authorized users.


James Seminary School, Sunyani, the analyses presented revealed that mathematics performance at the primary level gives much cause for concern. This is because these pupils or students are the future leaders of the nation. Enable peer assessment Digital criteria: From the above assertion it liferature evident that diagrams enable the problem – solver to obtain an insight of the problem at hand, enhance formulation of various strategies that will help one solve the problem and aid one to construct proofs of several theorems.

The researcher instructed them to choose the orange rod as a whole. Article Print Email Share. Situations vacant Lesson 5: Both tests were administered under normal examination conditions to ensure that the students do not copy from each other.

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A handbook to help teachers get the most out of blended learning in and beyond the language classroom. She then brings both hands forward and says, “Which hand is it in? All Time and Money.

literature review on cuisenaire rod

This simple approach to fractions removes many of the difficulties children frequently have with fractions. Please sign in to add something to your favorites list. Write two equivalent fractions for each of the fractions in a and b Q3.

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Math Counting and Onn. Company profile Lesson 4: A course of study which includes periods of study and periods of working. Register with hand2mind Register as an Individual. Dirkes emphasizes that when children use drawings to evaluate their attempts to show an idea of fractions, they soon use space to help them produce answer to computational examples through a problem – solving process. Force, Motion, and Energy. Simplify the fraction below Q6. Literature review is necessary to avoid the risk of duplicating previous studies, using unproductive techniques, and therefore not contributing much to the advancement of human pn.


Using Cuisenaire rods with young learners

All Math and Literacy. A critical look at the pre-test scores showed that the overall performance was not encouraging. Living and Surroundings Speaking 3: It indicated that twentythree 23 representing sixty-three point nine percent All Patterns and Attributes.

A perfect set for demonstration or hands-on application.

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For instance in using the Cuisenaire rods to compare the lengths of two rods, it takes 3 red rods to equal the length of 1 dark green rod in fig 1 below. To practise counting, using number words and combining English and Maths CLiL counting, adding, literatute taking away. Dark green and red rods are the appropriate.

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