You can add the new remarketing tag to every page in your site. Third, they used Gmail Sponsored Promotions to cross-sell complementary products to people who just bought something from other retailers. Put insights in your inbox Subscribe. First, they used a tactic they referred to as integrated retargeting. Alongside tailored ad copy, RLSAs give you options for bidding more optimally. Ads and approvals Campaign settings Budgets and bids Keywords Reach your audience Target placements and topics Multiple or large accounts. They spend hours researching hotels to make sure they’re getting a great deal, yet more than two-thirds of leisure travelers are concerned that they’re not making the right decision when booking a trip.

Okay, so you now know about offline retargeting, the mix of Google Analytics, and some underutilized Google AdWords retargeting features. The key objectives were to maximise orders and revenue at an acceptable ROI. It has also allowed us to attract a higher number of premium travellers. This bid strategy will be dependent on how you intend to structure RLSA campaigns within your account. Austin, TX Europe Office:

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So in an addition to having an unfair advantage, what else did Chubbies do to achieve those impressive retargeting stats? Email drip campaigns can be effective in achieving many things: All of these ideas work well in theory but not necessarily in practice.

Starwood Hotels Uses RLSA to Engage High-Value Travelers With Timely Ads

I agree to get emails. You can add the new remarketing tag to every page in your site. My recommendation at this stage is to keep these broad RLSA campaigns separate for budget reasons and to keep your bids low until you start to see success.


rlsa case study

With the help of DigitasLBiits digital marketing agency, Starwood used RLSA to create remarketing lists of past site visitors and then bid more based on where customers left its site. RLSA allows us to capture them in the most efficient and precise manner.

Here are some quick stats:.

rlsa case study

Staff authors are listed here. Connect your goals to data Find and run reports Understanding your data Track sales and other conversions Stuyd Analytics and Google Ads Common reporting issues. Just like Mazda improved their retargeting ads with proximity, Watchfinder did so with audience granularity from Google Analytics. Austin, TX Europe Office: Yeah glsa definitely takes more time.

Take advantage of all platforms that can target specific outlets. Second, they worked with other media portals to retarget visitors who showed interest in competitor content.

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First, they split up their retargeting campaigns with different placement specifics. Consumer Insights Marketing Resources. RLSA is now a core element of our search marketing strategy and is at the heart of any strategic pay-per-click project in the future. Within conversion rate srudy circles, people are scrambling for ways to separate traffic into different buckets to market to.

About remarketing lists for search ads

Something that should be done, even with regular search campaigns. First, they used a tactic they referred to as integrated retargeting. A remarketing list for Google search ads needs to have a minimum number of 1, cookies before the list can be used to tailor your search ads.


To learn more, read About remarketing lists. Was this article helpful?

Case Study: How Should You Be Using RLSAs?

Set the retargeting pixel to expire days or greater if you plan on running retargeting campaigns to bring past buyers back. With the help of their marketing agency, Just Media, Stjdy, a global leader in endpoint security software, realized greater potential and effectiveness with their retargeting campaigns. To do so, they reached out to Merchenta a retargeting software company to help get more website visitors into their local Mazda dealerships by way of some smart PPC ads.

The coolest thing about this case study shudy that visitors went to the national Mazda site not individual dealer sites where Merchenta was able to connect with local dealership inventory to personalize the ads as much as possible. The brand could then reach customers at different stages of consideration, from those simply browsing hotel locations to those ready to book. Mazda had a simple goal of getting more butts in seats to test drive their cars.

This is due to the mix of strategies we were testing for RLSA. Remarketing lists for search ads use remarketing lists for these customizations.

rlsa case study

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