Pre-reading stage Pre-reading is a very important stage in which the topic and type of the text are introduced first. Reading Comprehension Teaching Technique 3. It also attempts to model this process by specifying these components, and reveals correlations between them. Practical English Language Teaching: The Practice of English Language Teaching. Theoretical Background speed is rather slower than skimming and scanning since the reader attempts to obtain detailed information.

One of the core problems he presents is that “ESP teachers find themselves in a situation where they are expected to produce a course that exactly matches the needs of a group of learners, but are expected to do so with no, or very limited, preparation time” Johns, , p. She organizes the introductory course around four topics: In Language Teaching; pp. Furthermore, in designing our questionnaire, meticulous attention was paid to ensure that individual questions would be relevant, appropriate, intelligible, precise and unbiased. Period of non practice of English -Question 5: Abstract Language for specific purposes reveals some specificities quite complex to grasp and make use of, if not an explicit knowledge and an appropriate approach to the situation at hand is devoted to its teaching. English for Specific Purposes.

There is a great tendency to orient the students progressively towards other specialities. Through this clarification it is noticed that both the academic and occupational domains are concerned with teaching ESP, but the main question that should be answered is: How do the learners learn?

Teacher As An Innovator…………………………… Then, the teacher helps the students to find the meanings of the listed words tgesis they are used in the text.

Regarding the introduction of English instruction in the Department of Law and Administrative sciences he considers that it should be integrated from the first year of university studies as French, because of its important function in the actual world context.

Chapter Two Research Methods and Situation Analysis The head of regulation and general teachjng office in DRAG said that his office is in charge of extending entry permit to the foreigners working in the international companies settled in Tlemcen, and for the immigrants living in our wilaya knowing that their civil documents are written in English.


For this reason it is essential to expose learners to the various elements of the target language knowledge in a systematic way in order to help the students to produce correct language forms and to use English appropriately. Do you share his point of view?

In this study the aim was to highlight the pressing need for innovation in the legal academic setting by introducing an English course that would help the students to update their speciality knowledge and language progress. As a whole,it is better for the students to read the line than having to meet it mute on the page, or to hear the professor proclaim it. They mostly share common features like: The types of feet in lines that are common in English poetry are: Erben et al, The first step of the study was to make preliminary contacts with the managers in order to explain the purpose of the study rhesis to plan a schedule for interviewing them.

The major objective is to meet students language needs in all the faculties of Tlemcen University and help them to reach specific purposes.

While students study the illustration, the teacher asks questions about it with alternative choices provided to ensure students’ ready involvement in the classroom discussion.

Many thanks go to teachers and students of Nehali Mohamed Secondary School.

teaching reading thesis in algeria tlemcen

It was a natural expansion of this philosophy to plan special courses for each range of specific learners. Such necessity implies an understanding of its development, types and the different teaching concepts of ESP.

More than that, they have added others of their own choices.

Furthermore, careful reading is what she aims at developing in her students as theais as brain- storming 5 ,and outlining how to keep the poem aside and outline what is tlemxen about. As for algfria famous poet Shelley, he gives another definition for the poet by stating: In such situations, success or failure in science is in large a standard measure of consequence of success or failure in English. In addition, the use of technological means and translation as pedagogical support can help both the ELP teacher in achieving his course objectives and the students to increase their motivation and interest for learning English.


Smith, About two months ago, my friend was convicted algetia killing his brother, but the real fact is that at the time of the crime he was in his work place.

Nunan selects nine types of research in applied linguistics which are: Chapter One Teaching English for Specific Purposes Necessities Are the academic or occupational requirements of the target situation, that is, what the learner has to know in order to function effectively in the target situation.

For this reason it is essential to expose learners to the various elements of the target language knowledge in a systematic way in order to help the students to produce correct language forms and to use English appropriately.

The day of the meeting, and readinf at creating a natural atmosphere and an enjoyable ambiance, the interview was conducted in Algerian Arabic i.

Accordingly, this entails that NIA taxonomy may be viewed differently, however two 02 types, i. Some whilst-reading activities are: Some linguists, being aware of the world changes, began to focus their studies on the ways in which language is used in real situations.

teaching reading thesis in algeria tlemcen

Accordingly, the ELP syllabus has to be contently and communicatively based. In addition,Maley and Duff insist that the primary aim of the approach is quite simply to use poetry texts as a resourse for stimulating Language activities; they point out that this approach sees literary texts as resourses that cater for language practice through series of language activities rather than studying literature and poetry for the purpose of acquiring facts and information;there is little engagement of the learner with the text other than for purely linguistic practice,poetry is used in a rather purposeless and mechanistic way in order to provide for a series of Language activities orchestrated by the teacher.

This enables them to move from the formal structure of language to an informal improvisation, using what they learn by heart unconsciously including rhythm, stress, length, etc.

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