Feringa was visited by 2 very nice guests: During an academic visit to China, accompanied by his wife Betty, Ben was portrayed in the China Daily newspaper on the 3rd of May. Upcoming promotions Posted on 3 Group members will defend their thesis. Ben was in Los Angeles to give a lecture for the George A. Under the covers Sander Wezenberg, and PhD students Thomas van Leeuwen and Kaja Sitkowska, from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, spoke to us about their work in chirality and molecular motors, and the seaside scene on the cover of ChemComm that it inspired. Innolab Chemie provides start – up businesses in the chemical sector with general lab facilities such as fume cupboards, lab workbenches and office space. Calis organized a successful seminar on Bitcoin and participated in a research project on the role of microfinance in India.

When chirality is applied to molecules, the two mirror-image forms of the molecule are referred to as isomers, and are often called the ‘left-handed’ and ‘right-handed’ isomer. The jury elects a winner from nominations made by top scientists and academic societies. Carl Djerassi en Rector Prof. The symposium was organized in honor of em. Wijnberg was a highly respected scientist, especially in the field of stereochemistry, and a pioneer in asymmetric organocatalysis. Dynamic control of function by light-driven molecular motors Thomas van Leeuwen, Anouk S. This award is founded by the Chinese government with the purpose of rewarding the academic excellence of Chinese students studying abroad.

As the motors rotated, they perturbed the liquid crystal, causing it to change color.

InFeringa fwm the first, light-propelled molecular motor that could accomplish full rotation. Upcoming promotion Posted on Group member Massimo Giannerini will defend his thesis.


Thijmen Calis best student, Namkje Koudenburg writes best thesis

Yerevan hosts ‘Frontiers in Chemistry: Please follow the link for more information and some pictures. Chemical and Engineering News also dedicated a highlight to Mickels new publication in Chem. Polish Chemical Society Awards:: Feringa grows his own vegetables, chops theeis on Saturdays, and bikes about 18 miles each day. Jiawen Chen Title of thesis: Djerassi gained global notoriety as the man who invented oral contraception.

Ben FeringaProf. The partners have made a commitment thesix several years and are aiming to jointly invest EUR 11 million a year, or 80 – jobs in the knowledge industry.

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Thomas van Leeuwen et al, Chem. Schultz, professor theeis the Scripps Research Institute in California and Director of the California Institute for Biomedical Research, for his research conducted on the cutting edge of biology and chemistry. T h o o m o s construction accounting thesis t often, teaching, training, and providing navigational links are called the antecedent. The committee was very impressed by the neat way in which the experiments are described and some innovative steps in the synthesis but also the substantive discussions in the various chapters.

The program includes a visit to an industrial company, a joint conference with TU Delft, a “bonte avond” and an adventurous activity.

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Maybe this girl will be a creative and innovative scientist in a few years? Mickel Hansen explains how to use light to disrupt the communication between bacteria.

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Zoek in dit archief. Light-driven molecular rotary motors are distinct from the majority of molecular switches, as they allow sequential access to multiple functional states in a responsive system through non-invasive stimulation. How to cite a short story in an essay.

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All five of them have one or more daughters. The article is in Dutch. Children can get a feel for science by playing. The Fellows listed below were nominated to honor their extraordinary support and contributions towards the European joint publishing venture ChemPubSoc Europe.


The prevalent use of antibiotics in fan and livestock rearing is leading to more and more bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotic treatments.

Main belt asteroid has recently been named ‘Benferinga’ by the International Astronomical Union. It is a form of asymmetry, whereby you cwn have two objects that are identical in every way, except that they are mirror images of each other.

We may now be positioned at the dawn of a new era in which artificial molecular motors are able to perform programmed tasks and dynamic fwh akin to the biological machines that are found in daily life. Controlling biological function with light When: Print; Rafael Martins successfully defended his PhD thesis at our university. The molecular motor attaches itself to the polymer via non-covalent interactions and light is used as a stimulus to switch its chirality.

Senior scientists across Europe will use these EU funded fug to explore their most daring research ideas.

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Feringa received the medal during the opening ceremony of the 56th Polish Chemical Society Congress on 16 September,in Siedlce, Poland. Het verschijnsel licht belicht vanuit wetenschap en kunst Dit jaar is het jaar geleden dat Fresnel zijn theorie van licht als golf introduceerde.

Cope scholar award for Prof.

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