When you are ready to graduate, your research supervisor should notify the Informatics Chair that you have met the research requirements no later than the last week of class of the quarter you intend to graduate. See examples of past Capstone projects. Reset Password Username or E-mail: Capstone projects are developed during winter quarter January-March and are implemented during spring quarter April through June. This will allow the map collection to be searched by element, and for librarians to locate items and generate finding aids. More creative efforts went into updating and expanding training methodologies.

As a result, staff members can revise and correct complete information in these materials successfully. Elevate is a mission-critical, high-availability application for Airlift Northwest emergency flight nurses and pilots in Washington and Alaska. Perform a system integration between two data systems that requires you to map between the schemas of each system, draw data from each and produce a unified view. Intelius is a leading i-commerce company and we understand the impact information will have on our personal lives and the global economy. The solution was to create a bibliographic record procedure that allowed library staff to complete accurate information for these materials.

A note from our sponsor: We take our leadership responsibility seriously as we empower both individuals and businesses.

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Research best practices for information vendor assessment and synthesize to produce a set of recommendations. Info sessions generally cover how to decide on a project, identify a sponsor, and form a team; human subjects considerations; and how to prepare for the start of the Capstone course.


Adobe InDesign was utilized for the book layout. Many of our Capstone teams have added significant value to regional and international small businesses, as well as initiatives in the non-profit, social impact, and startup community worldwide.

It is the iSchool’s most popular and prestigious event of the year. Our project provides YVYC management team a one-stop map-based dashboard to help them escalate from exclusively manual operat. LIS Capstone I 2 credits Analysis and preliminary design of an approved individual or group research or implementation project demonstrating professional-level knowledge and skills. This is a wonderful opportunity for students interested in sustainability, engineering, urban planning or transportation planning.

This proposal is a contract between you, your advisor, and the iSchool. Find a faculty member who is willing to advise you on research.

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Everyone grows older, and the sooner we prepare for the future of our citizens, the greater our city can become. There is no dollar cost to submitting a Capstone project for consideration, nor for participating in the program.

The final manuscript will be published locally. Goals for the Capstone experience include: More information at https: Intelius is a leading i-commerce company and we understand the impact information will have on our personal lives capstne the global economy.

As a result, staff members ischooll revise and correct complete information in these materials successfully.

Faculty can be any core, adjunct, or affiliate iSchool faculty member with a Ph. Assess a program by defining metrics and providing an analysis of the success of the program through various measures. Approximately two thirds of the freight that moves through the Port of Seattle each day does so via capwtone.


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Taken in spring quarter. Your advisor can help you understand authorship expectations. View Capstone archives, including past event programs. There are two types of Ischolo you can do.

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Reset Password Username or E-mail: Submitting the search will reload this page and filter results below. Thanks ischol our Presenting Sponsor: Students, faculty, and staff can identify and view complete bibliographic records through the platform PRIMO. Solutions are typically interactive, meaning the end product is something that can be implemented and used. Project Examples The primary goal of your Capstone project is to demonstrate your mastery of the knowledge that you have gained in your program.

Thursday, June 5, 6 — 9 p.

uw ischool capstone project

Affiliates and iSchool community partners are invited to sponsor Capstone projects by submitting a project idea each autumn and working with students during the winter and spring quarters.

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